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Design Thinking Forum 2.0

Forum Name: Design Thinking Forum 2.0When: October 7, 2022Time: 1:30 pm – 4:00 pmWhere: ZoomRegistration Link: Description: Building on previous suggestions and enhancing the initial prototype, the Design Thinking Forum 2.0 …


Centering Diversity for Workplace Equity: Imagining Collective Futures

Join us for our annual June conference on June 15, 2022, as we challenge biases, prejudice, privilege and power in the quest to create an …

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Prototyping Forum

What: A forum guided by Dr. Christopher Anand, Associate Professor of Computing and Software at McMaster University and Dr. Robert Fleisig, Associate Professor at the W Booth School of …

A blue and green gradient background with different geometric shapes overlaid. The shapes create circles. There are three circles that get gradually smaller and they're positioned on the lower right of the graphic and are cut off.

Tough Questions Café

Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives often spark interesting and complex questions that can stimulate hot debates and open up possibilities for innovative solutions. Our Tough Questions Café™ is a safe space for people …

A colourful abstract image of various buildings in Peel region. Caption: Individuals keen to develop a local project to advance equity and inclusion in Peel region will be interested in the Community Leadership Program.

Community Leadership Program

Hosted by the Regional Diversity Roundtable, the Community Leadership Program is a free nine-month leadership training for people passionate about building up our diverse communities. The program helps …

Four RDR members at a roundtable within a busy meeting room, having discussion. They're smiling and listening to the person at the table who is speaking. There are papers, pens, disosable coffee cups and a bottle of water on the table.

Centering diversity for workplace equity annual conference

Our annual June conference focuses on a current diversity, equity and inclusion issue in the workplace. Leading experts facilitate capacity-building sessions. Attendees learn about the issues and how to manage the implications for …