Centering diversity for workplace equity annual conference

Four RDR members at a roundtable within a busy meeting room, having discussion. They're smiling and listening to the person at the table who is speaking. There are papers, pens, disosable coffee cups and a bottle of water on the table.

Our annual June conference focuses on a current diversity, equity and inclusion issue in the workplace. Leading experts facilitate capacity-building sessions. Attendees learn about the issues and how to manage the implications for their organizations and the workplace.

This highly anticipated full-day event aims to be highly engaging and informative, with diverse participants from a wide range of organizations and communities.

A highly regarded keynote speaker provides a thought-provoking start to the conference. Two capacity building sessions round out the day to enrich participants’ DEI knowledge and skills.

Every year, the event is also an excellent opportunity to network and gather relevant and ready-to-use resources.

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