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A colourful abstract image of various buildings in Peel region. Caption: Individuals keen to develop a local project to advance equity and inclusion in Peel region will be interested in the Community Leadership Program.

Watch: How to lead with equity and inclusion with focus on BIPOC

Watch our June 2020 webinar on how to lead with equity and inclusion. The session is designed to help you build on your diversity, equity, …

An abstract pattern with various colour.

How to be a #DiversityEquityInclusion champion on social media

Guest post by Sylvia Link You can demonstrate #DEI support and advocacy through your social media activity, on any platform and within the time you …

A rainbow on a purple background.

Bookmark this: Diversity, equity and inclusion glossary of terms

Learning about diversity, equity and inclusion is ongoing. Occasionally new terms are added to the vocabulary. We created this glossary to help all of us stay …

A large white canvas leaning against a wall made of grey bricks splashed with different colours of pain with the word Together across it in white letters.

How to create safer spaces that foster mutual understanding, respect and growth

Download our practice brief for a printable version of this information. While the concept of safe space is fluid and ever-changing, its presence plays an …

Different colour markers connected together in circles. The image is photographed from above so only the tops of the lids are visible. The table they're on is wood. It looks like two rainbow circles, one inside the other.

Crucial actions for leaders who want to address systemic racism and other forms of discrimination

Download our practice brief for a printable version of this information. Institutionalizing diversity, equity and inclusion within workplaces, community services, and policy and planning processes …

A orange and pink gradiant background with different geometric shapes overlayed. The shapes create circles. There are three circles that get gradually smaller and they're positioned on the lower right of the graphic and are cut off.

Try these strategies to help your workplace become more inclusive

Download our practice brief for a printable version of this information. Workplaces are microcosms of society. Attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviour of individual employees (conscious …