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Today, organizations understand the vital importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in achieving business goals. Our DEI training helps your team or organization to gain a shared understanding of essential diversity concepts and to build individual and collective DEI capacity.

We have delivered our proven DEI curriculum to more than 100 organizations. Our highly rated training is tailored to your workplace. We work collaboratively with you to design sessions that build participant DEI knowledge and skills through the lens of your mission, business goals and day-to-day work.

Though our training is personalized to the needs of each organization, our in-person training is usually conducted on-site at your workplace over four to six half-day sessions. Within our personalized approach, our training typically covers the following topics:

  • Understanding diversity, equity, inclusion
  • Diversity, equity competency and cultural proficiency
  • Unconscious bias and micro-aggression
  • Organizational culture and change
  • Building inclusion in a multigenerational workplace
  • Measuring DEI through a self-assessment tool
  • Leading DEI through engagement with employees, customers and stakeholders

We typically offer pre-reading for each training module and a reflection activity following each session, to extend participants’ personal and professional development.

To amplify learning, we take a strength-based adult learning approach. We make sure that participants feel safe, respected and included, so they are better able to explore challenging topics, move out of their comfort zones, explore conflicts and differences and achieve significant personal and professional growth.

Our highly interactive training features:

  • small group discussions
  • large group sharing
  • creative activities to encourage participants to explore new perspectives and learning
  • presentation of key concepts

“RDR is a go-to organization for us to seek expertise, advice and training for our staff and volunteer leaders. We highly recommend RDR training and coaching to any organization seeking to create meaningful DEI change.”

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