Reconstructing Systems: Centering Diversity for Workplace Equity:

RDR invites you to the Annual General Meeting and Conference.

Let’s rethink how weneed to shape systems change and create more equitable and inclusive sectors/institutions/organizations to ensure sustainable ARAO-DEI outcomes. 


June 14, 2023 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Cynthia Nault

Indigenous Opening Speaker: Cynthia Nault

Cynthia Nault is Two-Spirit Anishnaabekwe (phonetically: “a-nish-naw-bey-quay”), living in Thunder Bay. She holds an Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Production from Confederation College. She has made websites, and illustrated and programmed her own video games and apps. Cynthia is a multimedia artist, meaning that she makes art in and explores various mediums in both the digital and physical space. She is a self-taught beader and a painter who studied Painting as a Spiritual Practice for many years under her friend and mentor, fellow artist and activist, Angela Gollat. Cynthia now teaches Painting as a Spiritual Practice herself and as an artist and teacher, she delights in sharing the philosophy with others and in community art creation.

Rachel Baptiste

Keynote: Rachel Baptiste

Introducing Rachel Baptiste, an influential keynote speaker who offers a fresh perspective on equity, by exploring the interconnected nature of organization identity, culture, and ecosystem, Rachel presents a comprehensive framework for achieving true equity. With her insightful talks, Rachel inspires audiences to embrace diversity and inclusion as fundamental pillars of success. Drawing from her extensive expertise and experiences, Rachel Baptiste sheds light on the crucial elements necessary to create an equitable environment within organizations in the newcomer/refugee/settlement sector along with education, health and more.

Focus: Reconstructing Systems to progress DEI especially in the newcomer/refugee/settlement service sector.

Dr. Andrea Hemmerich

Workshop #1: Digitally Advancing Inclusion and Innovation: Cross-Sectoral Advancement and Approaches

A ground-breaking workshop on ‘Digitally Advancing Inclusion and Innovation: Cross-Sectoral Advancement and Approaches’ where we explore the power of liberatory design thinking. In today’s digital age, it is crucial to bridge the gap and ensure equal access to technology and its benefits. This capacity building session will equip participants with the knowledge and tools to leverage digital advancements for inclusive growth. By embracing liberatory design thinking, we will challenge traditional mindsets and reimagine solutions that address systemic barriers to inclusion. This workshop will delve into practical approaches and success stories from various sectors. From education and healthcare to public services and entrepreneurship, we will explore how digital technologies can break down barriers, create opportunities, and empower marginalized communities especially as organizations in the newcomer/refugee and settlement sectors.

Focus: Capacity-building session on cross-sectoral advancement, using an ARAO-DEI.

(Anti-racist, anti-oppressive, diversity, equity and inclusion lens) to approach systems change especially for Newcomers and Refugees using liberatory design thinking.

Cindy Crowe

Workshop #2: Sustainable Leadership - Reinforcement of Inclusion and Success Stories: The Future of Sustainable Leadership in the Region/Province’

An enlightening and transformative workshop on ‘Sustainable Leadership – Reinforcement of Inclusion and Success Stories: The Future of Sustainable Leadership in the Region/Province.’ This capacity building session aims to empower leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive sustainable change and foster inclusivity in their respective regions and provinces through interconnectedness.During this workshop, Cindy will share her insights and success stories, providing invaluable inspiration and practical strategies for creating positive impact in newcomer/refugee and settlement sectors. Participants will delve into the key principles of sustainable leadership and explore how to effectively integrate them into their leadership practices through the practices of interconnectedness. They will gain a deeper understanding of the role inclusion plays in fostering innovation, resilience, and long-term success. Through engaging discussion/ interactive activities, attendees will develop a roadmap for championing sustainable leadership within their organizations and communities.

Focus: Capacity-Building session to create sustainable change and foster inclusivity in the Region through interconnectedness pertaining to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Focusing on the Indigenous Community as well as Newcomers and Refugees to this land. 

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