Try these strategies to help your workplace become more inclusive

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Workplaces are microcosms of society. Attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviour of individual employees (conscious or unconscious) have a profound impact on the policies, practices, leadership styles and underlying assumptions that shape organizational culture.

Whether the space is static, mobile, collaborative, or virtual, creating an equitable and inclusive workplace – where the principles of respect, safety, accessibility, and equality of opportunity apply to the overarching structure and everyday functioning of an organization – is essential to fostering individual wellbeing and community prosperity.

How to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace

Reflect on your assumptions, attitudes and behaviour: Being aware of your biases and taking action to manage them will positively impact your relationships with others at work.

Seek out training opportunities: All employees can benefit from increased knowledge/skill-building around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace.

Create a safe environment: Being respectful of others (in the design of spaces, in the use of language, in relationship-building) will nurture an environment of psychological safety.

Get involved in organizational policy development: A transparent and participatory policy development process that values employee input is essential to changing/improving organizational culture.

Be adaptable to change/ new approaches: Inclusivity and equity in the workplace hinge on the ability and willingness to change behaviour, practices, policies – and value those changes.

Start a resource group/form a committee: DEI committees and employee resource groups are proactive ways of supporting colleagues and moving the work forward.

Have conversations with your team/colleagues: Creating space to ensure/reinforce equitable and inclusive behaviour will encourage greater participation and equitable collaboration.

Be an active listener: Listening to others with an open mind and remembering that ‘everyone belongs’ will help in understanding different points of view. If you live in Peel Region and are committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace, sign our Diversity and Inclusion Charter.