Shaken accountability: Statement of solidarity and support for Black community members

A colourful abstract image of various buildings in Peel region. Caption: Individuals keen to develop a local project to advance equity and inclusion in Peel region will be interested in the Community Leadership Program.

To be an inclusive society, we need to accept the deep-rooted existence of, and unlearn RACISM in our lives and communities. We need to create equitable opportunities for the most vulnerable to break the chain of oppression, systemic discrimination and exclusion. These past few days in the United States & Canada have highlighted an issue that has been pressing these and other countries since colonization. It is a pivotal moment for non-Black Canadians, as much as it is for non-Black Americans, to also speak out in support of the atrocities against Black people by the system – structures and people both that create it. We Canadians must remember that Blacks in this land have suffered a long, ongoing, and arduous battle with systemic racism. Complicity and inaction are not an option any more. Each one has a part to play in demanding radical change when it comes to racism in all its forms. Let’s all rise in solidarity, be active allies and ask for justice and fairness.

We call on all to reflect on their biases, and the long-term trauma left on the Black community due to the horrific experiences of racism, and to ask themselves what they are doing to break the shackles of systemic racism. Any harm to one group in its midst results in a fractured society. For the greater good of all, and especially for the new generation to come, we have to ensure a safe, accountable, accepting and inclusive community, region, nation to pass on.

A special thought and virtual hug to all our Black friends, colleagues and members. RDR works every day to ensure an inclusive Peel and Canada for all its residents.

We recognize the struggles of our Black community members and express our support and solidarity.