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A critical reflection: Pride Month June 2021

Popular belief is that pride month is rainbows and parades but that understanding misses the history of political acts of resistance such as the Compton’s …


National Indigenous History Month & National Indigenous Peoples Day

In June, Canadians celebrate National Indigenous History Month to honour the history, heritage and diversity of Indigenous peoples in Canada. It is also an opportunity …


Women in executive roles make 56 per cent less than men, study shows – The Globe and Mail

According to a new study from Statistics Canada, women executives earned about 56 per cent less on average than men executives and this pay gap …

A colourful abstract image of various buildings in Peel region. Caption: Individuals keen to develop a local project to advance equity and inclusion in Peel region will be interested in the Community Leadership Program.

Job Opening for 2 Summer Positions

RDR is looking to fill two summer positions with enthusiastic and committed students for the following positions: Education Program Coordinator Communications Officer